veterinary services Ormond Beach, FL
Here at Tomoka Pines Veterinary Hospital, we offer state of the art pet care. We are proud to serve Ormond Beach, FL and our surrounding communities to give your pet compassionate care with the advanced technology that they deserve!


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Behavior Management Ormond Beach, FL

Behavior Management

Pets can have a wide variety of behavioral issues, from simple house training problems to severe anxiety and aggression issues. Through behavioral consultations, we can correct these unwanted behaviors and enrich both your life and your pets’ life too. Our goals are to help pets and their owners live together comfortably and safely, and to help restore the bond between pets and their families. To learn more about how behavior consultations can help your pet, please contact us today at (386) 672-3137.

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Dentistry Ormond Beach, FL


Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential to your pet’s overall health and wellness. There are many different ways to improve your pets’ dental hygiene, including home brushing, dental chews, and regular inspection. Regular wellness visits can help keep your pet systemically healthy, and prevent common issues from becoming more serious ones. If untreated, dental disease can cause significant discomfort and pain, as well as permanent loss of teeth and gum tissue. Please call us today at (386) 672-3137 to set up an appointment or if you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s dental health.

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X-rays Ormond Beach, FL

Digital X-rays

At Tomoka Pines Veterinary Hospital in Ormond Beach, FL, we are proud to be on the cutting edge of medical technology. Radiology is a technique and diagnostic tool that we use to look inside the body in an entirely non-invasive way. X-rays allow us to create images of all the body's organs.

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High-tech fiber optics permits direct visual examination and biopsies of your pet’s gastrointestinal system. This allows for more accurate diagnosis and treatment of oral, esophageal, stomach, colon and even upper intestinal tract disease. Foreign objects can also be removed without the need for surgery.

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Glaucoma Testing

Also known as tonometry testing, glaucoma tests are used to determine whether or not glaucoma is present in dogs. Glaucoma is often caused by a buildup of fluid within the eye, and if your pet suffers from abnormally high pressure in that area, it can damage the optic nerve and lead to a loss of vision in your pet. If you feel your canine companion may have glaucoma, please contact us today at (386) 672-3137.

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Laser Therapy

The Class IV Companion Therapy Laser is a revolutionary approach to pain management, wound healing, and rehabilitation, without the use of drugs or surgery. Virtually any patient who has a condition that involves acute or chronic pain or inflammation can be helped by laser light energy. Some of the most common conditions treated are arthritis, intervertebral disc disease, ear infections, tendon and ligament injuries, dental disease and more.

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Microchipping Ormond Beach, FL


Every year, thousands and thousands of pets go missing. Not knowing where your pet is or how to bring them back can be a helpless, hopeless feeling. It’s a tragedy that happens all too often. A microchip is a safe, simple form of identification that is registered with your pet’s vital information, and can be scanned by any veterinarian or animal shelter, so that they can return your pet directly to you.

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Nutritional Counseling Ormond Beach, FL

Nutritional Counseling

From the very first day you bring a new pet home through the final days of its life, nutrition plays a critical role in your pet’s overall health and well-being. Whether your pet has special dietary needs or simply needs to shed (or gain) a few pounds, our nutritional counseling services can help you accomplish your goals and keep your pet in good health. We offer counseling in dietary selection and feeding practices for pets during various life stages, such as growth, pregnancy, nursing, and the “golden years.” If your pet has a medical condition, we can help you select the most appropriate diet to suit your pet’s needs.

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Onsite Diagnostics Ormond Beach, FL

Onsite Diagnostics

We are proud to offer the highest quality of veterinary medicine to our patients. We have state-of-the-art diagnostic tools that allow our staff to diagnose your pets’ condition or illness better. It is our commitment to stay on the cutting edge of diagnostic technology. Having these advanced diagnostic tools allows us to examine specific areas more carefully and provide a quicker and more accurate diagnosis.

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Parasite Prevention Ormond Beach, FL

Parasite Prevention

The idea of your pet being infested with parasites is a disturbing thought, but it's also a medical issue that can have serious consequences if not properly dealt with or prevented. Parasites pose a variety of health issues for our pets, who can be very susceptible to certain parasites depending on age, region, and other factors. Let us help you protect your pet!

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Spay And Neuter Ormond Beach, FL

Spay And Neuter

Spaying and neutering are important and necessary medical procedures that enhance the quality of your pets’ life. Spaying and neutering prevents unwanted litters, helps protect against some serious health problems, and may reduce many of the behavioral problems associated with the mating instinct. Spaying and neutering also helps control the homeless pet population.

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Surgery Ormond Beach, FL


Here at Tomoka Pines Veterinary Hospital, we offer the most advanced surgical techniques and technology. In our continuing efforts to offer the highest quality veterinary medicine, we are pleased to provide a wide range of surgical services for our patients. From routine surgical procedures, such as spaying and neutering, to more complex surgeries, we look forward to the opportunity to care for your pet’s surgical needs. Our fully-trained veterinary and technical staff are there to ensure the safest, most efficient, state-of-the-art procedures are performed for your pet.

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Ultrasound Ormond Beach, FL


Tomoka Pines Veterinary Hospital offers pet ultrasound exams to provide us with a more thorough understanding of your pet’s current health. An ultrasound exam is the best way to evaluate fluid-filled and soft tissue organs (including the kidney, liver, heart, lungs, intestines, and more) in pets. Ultrasound uses sound waves to offer a non-invasive, painless, and radiation-free method of imaging your pets’ internal organs.

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Vaccinations Ormond Beach, FL


Vaccines are an important part of a pet’s health care plan. Pets today can live longer, healthier lives than ever before—in part because of vaccines that help protect them from deadly infectious diseases. Over the years, vaccines against dangerous diseases have saved millions of pets and virtually eliminated some fatal diseases that were once common. Here at Tomoka Pines Veterinary Hospital, vaccination protocols are tailored to each individual pet based on their lifestyle, age, breed, and any underlying medical conditions. Protecting your pet is our primary goal, so developing an appropriate vaccine schedule for your pet is important to us. Please call us today at (386) 672-3137 to set up an appointment or if you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s vaccinations.

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Wellness Exams Ormond Beach, FL

Wellness Exams

Regular check-ups and wellness exams are critical to your pets’ well-being. Whether your pet is a youngster, a “senior citizen,” or any age in between, wellness examinations provide an excellent opportunity for us to conduct a thorough physical examination and develop a health profile for your pet. This information will help us identify medical problems and any other issues that can affect your pet’s health and quality of life. Through your pet’s physical examinations, other wellness procedures, and our consultations with you, we get to know your pet and learn about his or her lifestyle, personality, health risks, home environment, and other important information. We encourage you to use wellness examinations to take an active role in your pet’s health care.

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